I love fashion, but rarely attend fashion shows. This day was different because it was for a cause. I decided not to list the excuses for passing it by and instead focused on reasons to go. It was a sunny day, my route took me though a coastal town I had not visited before and I could meet a lot of new people. This could be funI 

I found myself sitting at a table with smiling faces and bubbling personalities. I enjoyed seeing persons from the charity be celebrity models for the day. I purchased chances for the raffles and on a whim put them all toward just one of the prizes.

I won! It was a two night stay at a B&B. This meant my Spring day trip will become a Summer weekender. I get the chance to leisurely visit what I quickly passed by. And who knows, I just might uncover some uncommon adventures.

Like magic, my day away tripled!

What has your travel led you to a reason to soon return?